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What is the latest pronouncement on the department of education regarding the use of english as a medium of instruction?

In different countries the attititude toward using English as a medium of instruction differs.

In Lesotho, the department of education gives priority to teaching in English, especially in the primary and secondary stages of education. The native tongue 'Sesotho' is not used as the medium of instruction, but at secondary level is taught/available as a separate subject

In Wales, the National Assembly positively promote the use of Welsh as the medium of instruction, in order to ensure its survival. The Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Government of Wales Act provide that the Welsh and English languages be treated on a basis of equality. Although most Welsh people speak English and most schools instruct in English, 'Welsh schools' have also been established in order to maintain and promote the use of the Welsh language in the country.

For more information about the official policy regarding the use of English as a medium of instruction in any particular country, please submit a further question, specifying the name of the country concerned.

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