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What type of clause is shown in this sentence Since you left our house early we washed the car?

The sentence is not only awkward but the usage of the word since is not appropriate and ambiguous. This occurs when transliterations of any Indo Aryan or Indo Burmese generic language is used to express it in English semantics.
The word since would imply a time from some moment to the present:
eg: I have been working since nine o'clock.(the action is till the present moment)
I washed since early morning X (does not extend the time agreement)

1. The word since can be preposition to mean before or after a specific time in a sentence.
2. It could be used as a conjunction to mean because or from the time that.
3.It could be used as an adverb to mean since that time or event We washed the car is the first sentence with the conjunction since to connect the second sentence : you left our house early.
The sentence to qualify with a subordinate clause can be restructured:
The car was washed since you left our house early morning . (adverb clause of reason)

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