Expert in: Spirituality
Languages: English

Over 35 years as a practicing psychic. Positive,upbeat approach to help you get back on track. Learn how to reach your dreams.
Chat: $1.99 / minute
Email: $30 / email

Business degree, and ordained as a minister.

My Expert Service

I do psychic readings,emails and answer questions regarding love,career,life in general and more. I also do tarot readings by email, and use other tools to give people the answers they need to make the best choices. This has been my job for close to 35 years,and I have helped many over the years. Let me help you too! I have done over 10,000 readings in the last 10 years. Learn to get what you want in life. No fairy tales and no baloney.

Experience & Qualifications
Over 10 years on other online sites,and over 35 years experience in real life. Have done over 10,000 readings since 2000.
I can help you get what you want in life.

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